Winter And Riding Boots Also Have A Warm Effect

- Feb 11, 2018-

Combat boots, a kind of military boots, are soldier equipment, commonly used in jungle and mountain combat. Combat boots originated in the era of the Roman Empire, the basic World War II except Asia here, most of the participating countries are used as combat boots.

Combat boots to help boost morale, looked mighty; Second, to keep the leg below, especially the ankle; winter and riding boots also have a warm effect; the basic modern combat boots from the Vietnam War, the US military at that time began to develop real The meaning of the combat boots.

Infantry with the upper is 8-9 inches, the first layer of leather production, good waterproof breathable effect, but also to replace part of the function of leggings to support the calf muscle groups to prevent congestion, and protect the ankle will not sprain, drainage for tropical rainforest More hot and humid environment.

Late because of the trap of the Vietnamese army to get scared, plus a sting plate in the soles, soles also changed to the classic Panama, large teeth soles are not easy to mud; To the Desert War, black combat boots too heat, and easy Dirty, scratched flowers are fast, we launched the kind of common sand or brown flocculent combat boots; initially this is for the desert zone design, accessories used Cowdra 1000D wear-resistant nylon, good air permeability, Water is poor, drainage holes are also canceled.

Late combat boots generally replaced by the lining of the super lining or silver fiber, coolmax, gtx these more functional, the first few commonly used in sand boots and upgraded jungle boots, have a very good fast-drying perspiration Performance, GTX as a temperate all day long or winter boots waterproof breathable function, the more special is the Marine Corps sandals, most have breathable mesh, taking into account their landing operations necessary, so the drainage on the up, mesh Will not enter the sand.