Walking Shoes Will Give A Great Help, Especially In The Rainy Rainy Day

- Feb 11, 2018-

Brand new shoes are not suitable for long-distance travel, it is best to wear two weeks before departure, and should have spare items. In the rugged, steep, inaccessible area, a pair of reliable and comfortable walking shoes will be of great help, especially in the rainy rainy day. As for the shoelaces, sometimes easy to loose shoelaces really give people a lot of trouble, but the solution is also very simple, as long as the use of rubber band bar about it.

In addition, try not to use when dry shoes, dry shoes cleaning shoes deformation, especially in winter, it is best to dry naturally, can not be placed on the windowsill for a long time so the sun exposure will be deformed! Do not always wear a pair of shoes, or have to change the shoes, no matter how good the shoes, wear every day will be bad! When cleaning with a soft brush or toothbrush, detergent do not use detergent!

The difference between hiking shoes and hiking shoes, walking shoes are generally low to help. Because the hiking shoes are designed to take better conditions and take a long time to walk, so the protection provided by the soles of the hiking shoes is to protect the feet and perspiration and breathability, which is also important for the walking shoes can be worn as urban leisure. the reason. The hiking shoes are high waist, it is necessary to protect the ankle under uneven road conditions from sprain, more importantly, hiking shoes, hard texture of shoes, so be sure to put on foot hiking shoes, hiking shoes can not be used Instead, the soles will have blisters.

Garment shoes outsole are generally anti-sting anti-bar, the midsole will generally be designed to be shock-absorbing material, so in the uneven muddy road hiking shoes is your best choice! Therefore, there are hiking activities must not mountaineering Fear of trouble, we must bring hiking shoes and hiking shoes.