Types Of Military Boots

- Jun 22, 2019-

From use of function, we can clarify military bootsto tropical boots, warm-up boots and cold boots.

Tropical boots, also known as desert boots, mainly emphasize the maintenance of dryness and comfort in high temperature environments. The lining is either single-layered koura/fiber/nylon. If it is better, it will be replaced with super lining or coolmax. Such as sweat-absorbent and quick-drying materials; jungle boots are the ancestors of tropical boots from some performances, but jungle boots may enhance the quick-drying performance.

The warm-up boots emphasize the waterproof and breathable nature in a humid and rainy tropical environment. They are made of Gore-tex lining and are effectively waterproof for 4-6 hours. They can be regarded as products between jungle boots and flying boots and desert boots. Can be used in the desert environment, but the comfort is not high, more suitable for multi-water environment and the driver (the cockpit environment is not comfortable, the feet are not moving often, this kind of boots is very easy to use); but not suitable The depth of the water exceeds the environment of the upper, and it is difficult for such boots to dry out in a short time after entering the water.

The cold boots, based on the temperate boots, add warmth, enough to cope with the low temperature and the accumulation of water after the melting of snow and ice, but also suitable for the pilots (mainly bombers) to keep warm at the height of the feet.

If performance is added, at most, there are multiple steel heads to improve safety or lightweight series made of new materials, and flame retardant type made of flame retardant materials (but most of the materials of military boots are flame retardant). Special emphasis on this point; adapt to changing terrain, such as low-top or special-shaped soles for mountain environment development