To Solve Means To Solve The Problem Of Sweat

- Feb 11, 2018-

Wet, unventilated environment can lead to bacteria. Therefore, the general professional outdoor shoes will cost the shoes on the deodorant. For example, the famous outdoor brand KEEN in the United States developed the AEGIS MICROBE SHIELD to inhibit the growth of bacteria and the odor, stains and damages caused by fungi and release the harmful gas substances in the shoes. However, even so, we also need to pay attention to the fact that the sole of the foot is one of the most easily sweaty places in the human body. Large quantities of shoes or socks inside the shoe can cause sweatiness in the inside of the shoe. After a long time, the bacteria in humid environment will decompose the fat and protein in sweat and produce odor. Therefore, the solution means to solve the problem of sweat.

Outdoor shoes in wearing a period of time, this waterproof and anti-fouling effect will gradually reduce until lost. Therefore, a pair of waterproof shoes should be done regularly water repellent treatment to ensure that in the rain environment, keep the upper dry. Because wet shoes will affect breathability, increase weight, but also affect the life of shoes.