How To Identify Leather And Synthetic Leather

- Feb 11, 2018-

How to identify leather and synthetic leather? Here to tell you a very good way to identify leather and artificial leather.

1, how to identify the four major recognition method of leather and artificial leather

Hand touch: that is, touch the leather surface, if there is a smooth, soft, plump, elastic feeling is the leather; and synthetic artificial leather face astringent, rigid, poor flexibility.

Seeing: real leather surface clearer pores, pattern, yellow leather has more symmetrical pores, yak skin has thick and thin pores, goatskin scaly pores.

Odor: All leather has the smell of leather; and leather have a strong irritating plastic smell.

Ignited: From the back of real leather and leather tear a little fiber, lit, who issued a pungent odor, knot is a man-made leather; hair smell, no knot is the dermis.

2, Identification of leather and synthetic leather from the leather itself

Synthetic leather and synthetic leather is the basis of woven cloth or non-woven fabric, were coated with polyurethane and made of a special foam treatment, the surface feel resembles the real leather, but breathable, abrasion resistance, cold resistance are not as good as leather . How to distinguish it?

Leather surface: Leather leather surface has its own special natural pattern, shiny natural leather surface, hand or pinch the leather surface, the leather surface no dead or dead, nor crack; while leather leather surface like leather, But look at the pattern is not natural, more shiny leather, the color is bright, press the leather surface with your fingers, no obvious wrinkles of the pores, even after pressing wrinkles, it will not obviously disappear.

Leather body: soft and tough leather, while the imitation leather products are soft, but not enough toughness, the climate changes when the cold cold. When the hand twist the body, the leather back to the natural, better flexibility, while imitation leather products flexural movement hard, poor flexibility.

Cut: Genuine leather cut at the same color, fiber is clearly visible and detailed. However, imitation leather products cut no dermis fiber, or visible at the bottom of the fiber and resin, or seen from the incision at the end of cloth and resin glue two levels.

Leather inside: the front of the leather smooth and smooth pores and patterns, the opposite has obvious fiber bundle, was plush and uniform. Imitation leather products, no pores on the surface, part of the positive and negative synthetic leather, both inside and outside the gloss is also very smooth; some artificial leather is not the same positive and negative, the leather can see the obvious end of cloth; but there are also both inside and outside the imitation Like leather, there are also like leather.