Hanagal Support Peace Keeping Force, Hope Them Wearing Hanagal Military Boots Comfortable And Breathable

- Nov 21, 2018-

Hanagal support peace keeping force,  hope them wearing Hanagal military boots comfortable and breathable

Model: 33301 military tactical boots (click to know more about this boots)

We will never know what they have suffered to protect the peaceful and safe world for us and our kids. What we can do and what we Hanagal can do is just try our best to do something for them-Peace keeping force. They are they best of the best, they are our heros! 

Hanagal would like to share with all the photos, they are the most brave people in the world!

Peace keeping force military boots from hanagal

tatical combat boots for world peace keeping force supplier from china

tatical combat boots for world peace keeping force factory from china

Below something about 33301 tactical boots

(1) Multi-function hiking mountain high-altitude outdoor leather desert boots, all-terrain all-weather(2) The upper is made of 1.6-1.8mm wear-resistant anti-fur and 1000D waterproof nylon double-wire stitching. The shoe body has double vents for comfortable and breathable.

(3) The insole is removable and easy to clean. It is specially added with activated carbon and antibacterial ingredients to protect the health of the feet.

(4) One-piece design of the tongue, which is windproof and prevents small stone from entering. It is a multi-functional tactical boots in the desert.

(5) The heel of the shoe is added with elastic foam and rubber sheet to enhance the heel protection and stability, making the pace more balanced.

(6) The inner part is made of high-density breathable BK mesh, which effectively absorbs the moisture, making the pace walking faster and lighter.

(7) EVA MD midsole fits the upper, shock absorption is flexible, greatly relieves the walking pressure of the feet, makes the pace more stable, and the patented EVA insert curve steel plate, very modern and fashionable sense.

(8) High wear-resistant anti-slip puncture rubber outsole, convex grain design, effective anti-slip in walking, functional drainage trough design, timely discharge of residual sewage and fine sand, sole design of Hanagal English logo brand logo

(9) Suitable for outdoor activities in a variety of harsh environments and weather: desert walking, field training, mountain climbing, long-distance travel, tourism, field, adventure, etc.

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