Durable, Comfortable Enough To Keep Soldiers Fighting

- Feb 11, 2018-

Army boots, as the name suggests, is for the military units in the march, combat wear shoes. Not only should a pair of excellent military boots be sufficiently durable and comfortable to ensure that the various needs of soldiers in a harsh combat environment should be magnanimous and aesthetically pleasing, they should also be able to exert their influence and boost their morale.

From the function to sub-words, tropical boots, warm boots, cold boots, these three categories, but the use of different types of military service will be somewhat different

Tropical boots, also known as desert boots, the main emphasis on keeping feet dry at high temperatures to improve comfort, the lining is either a single layer of Coatura fiber / specialty nylon cloth, the better point to super lining or coolmax Like sweat-drying materials; jungle boots from some of the performance of tropical boots, but jungle boots may be more quick-drying performance.

Warm boots, emphasizing the provision of waterproof and breathable in wet and rainy tropical environment, multi-use Gore-tex lining, effective waterproof 4-6 hours; can be regarded as between jungle boots and flying boots, desert boots, Can be used in the desert environment, but the comfort is not high, more suitable for more water environment and the driver class (the cockpit environment is uncomfortable, the foot is not moving, this kind of boots is very good); but not suitable Water depth than the upper environment, this type of boots after the water is difficult to dry for a short time.

Cold boots, based on the warm boots, add the thermal capacity, enough to cope with low temperature and ice and water after the melt, but also more suitable for pilots (mainly bomber) at high altitude when the foot warm.

If coupled with the performance of the division, at most, is more than one steel to improve safety or lightweight materials made of new materials, flame retardant flame retardant type of material (but most of the military boots material will use a flame retardant , With special emphasis on this point); Mountain boots that adapt to changing terrains, such as low-profile or special-shaped soles developed in mountain environments, but are more common with foreign troops.