Which is a better sole material, EVA or rubber?

- Dec 10, 2018-

EVA material proves to be better than rubber as they are one of the best shock absorption materials available today. Thus, most of the prominent brand joggers use this in shoe soles to get a good combination of shock absorption and lightweight.

Features & Benefits of EVA sole that make it better than rubber:

  • This material is highly water and corrosion resistant.

  • It offers ease of processing (cutting, gluing, pressing and laminating).

  • EVA sole is anti-vibrant (good tensile strength & shock cushioning with high toughness)

  • They provide insulation towards cold temperature

  • Closed foam sound insulation quality.

EVA materials are being commonly used for the middle sole of shoe parts, outsole & insole of sports shoes and also as soles for slippers and flip-flop.