Try to avoid encountering water to prevent moldy during storage

- Feb 11, 2018-

A pair of military shoes, under the premise of a certain quality of its manufacture, good maintenance and proper wear, can extend its life several times, which is of great economic significance. Want to make military leather shoes have a longer service life, should do the following:

(1) to avoid shaving with sharp objects; this should be worn in the use of the process to double attention.

(2) to avoid the encounter with high temperature; do not use roasted, nor in the strong sun exposure.

(3) to strengthen the maintenance: To remove the upper dirt often, rub the shoe polish, try to avoid the encounter with the water to prevent the growth of moldy mildew.

(4) Let the military shoes have a certain interval of rest: military shoes, like people, also need to rest. It is best to wear a few pairs of military shoes for wear, the military leather shoes have a certain interval of rest, this will make it less damaged, is conducive to deformity leather shoes restitution.

(5) light-colored shoes should pay attention to anti-fouling: the more upscale shoes, the more often the color lighter; so wear, but also pay attention to avoid contamination; because light-colored shoes once dirty, it is difficult to make it back to the original color.

(6) to protect the heel: leather, especially women's shoes, heel should be replaced with the end of the material, do not wait until the heel after serious wear and then change.