Outdoor waterproof shoes

- Feb 11, 2018-

Usually with outdoor waterproof shoes, the fabric, including lace, sewing thread, etc. have done waterproofing, with significant water repellent effect. For example, RAX shoes will use the famous eVENT material. As a new waterproof and breathable fabric developed by GE, USA, the core film of expanded PTFE (E-PTFE) is distributed over it to avoid the use of PU and greatly improve the breathability. In addition, the water-repellent vamp adds protective grease to the leather, making the leather flexible and increasing water and stain repellency.

First, loosen the shoelace, remove the insole, the shoe may be debris and floating soil poured out. Then remove the dirt on the surface of the shoe body (it is best to let the wet mud to remove the first cinder), you can use a soft brush or towel under clean water to clean the dust and dirt.

After cleaning, dry the towel or paper towel to remove the obvious surface water marks, professional cleaners (NIKWAX or GRANGER ') spray difficult to go out in the dirt Department, after a few moments with the brush head under clean water to clean the shoes, Put dry and ventilated place to dry naturally.

After the shoe is cleaned to 80% of the dry time, the waterproof spray is applied or sprayed on the upper to dry it naturally.

Do not recommend regular cleaning shoes inside, if necessary, you can use rinsing filter can be. Then use a dry towel and towel to absorb moisture, and then placed in a dry and ventilated place naturally dry. If you accidentally wet shoes, avoid exposure to the sun or use a hair dryer to dry, it will cause damage to the shoes.

Shoes do not wear for a long time, should be cleaned, dried and ventilated place, because of humid environment, natural leather products will mildew. And it is best propped in the shoe soles to prevent shoe deformation.