How to maintaine your combat boots?

- May 09, 2019-

Proper maintenance methods not only help to increase the life of the combat boots but also contribute to the health of the feet. The importance is not to be underestimated.

Let's talk about the maintenance aspects of combat boots.

1. When you wear combat boots, you should first loosen the shoelace and then use the shoehorn.

Careful use on weekdays is the first step in shoe maintenance. Most of the shoe boots are damaged from the heel. Therefore, it is possible to use the shoehorn to wear the shoe boots. You can prepare a long handle at home, but you can usually carry it with you. In addition, do not harden when wearing shoes, and wear boots with laces should try to keep the habit of loosening the shoelace and then wearing it. This will help prevent deformation and aliasing of the combat boots.

2, also use the shoe last to prevent shoe shoe deformation

Stuffing the shoe last into the shoe is often the best way to keep the shoe. Foot shape, walking, body temperature and moisture, rain and other factors can lead to shoes, especially when sweating or raining, be sure to fix the shoe shape with a shoe tweezers. Since the body temperature and moisture will make the leather slack, it must be set when the body temperature in the shoe is still there.

3, after the purchase, we must do a good job in time

The new shoe lasts are not coated with shoe polish. To protect the new shoes, rubbing the seams of the soles with castor oil before the wear is done can enhance the waterproof effect. The upper is covered with a layer of eucalyptus oil, which makes the hard upper shiny and soft.

Through these three simple and easy steps, the maintenance of combat boots is almost the same.