How to clean hiking boots

- Aug 28, 2019-

How to clean leather

Leather hiking boots must be kept dust-free because when small grains of dust are allowed to accumulate on leather shoes, they cut into the leather with every step you take. Cleaning leather hiking boots is simple but should be done regularly if you want your boots to serve you for long years. You can wipe the dust off your leather boots with a dry or damp rag. If you want to use and moisturizing soap, you need to apply the soap to the outside of the boot. If mud dries on the uppers, they can harden and crack. A soft brush helps remove mud, though be careful not to scratch the leather. If you want to remove stains, there are specific cleaning products for this. You can clean the insides of boots using a clean, damp cloth. Be careful when cleaning waterproof hiking shoes or boots since the membrane is very thin and fragile.

How to clean suede leather

Suede leather should be treated with a dry brush or sponge. There are special suede cleaning kits where you can find a special brush for cleaning this type of leather. Don’t bring suede into contact with water because this can cause cracks and make the material stiff. To maintain the look of suede, use silicone-based liquid (or spray) or wax-cream after cleaning. Application of silicone-based liquid or spray should be preferred to wax-cream with a high concentration of wax.

How to clean nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is soft leather, which is more absorbent than some other leathers and should dry without cracking or stiffening. Just as in the case of suede leather, after cleaning use silicone-based liquid or spray.

How to clean nylon (polyamide)

Nylon (and poromeric) materials are best cleaned with a damp cloth or soft brush since treatment with creams, polishes or silicone solutions will block the pores of the fabric and reduce its breathability.

How to clean canvas

Canvas (including mesh) can be washed; however, careful hand washing with mild soap and a soft brush is better than putting the shoes in a washing machine. Generally, canvas can be machine-washed, however, the main problem is that some of the other materials in the hiking shoe may be affected. Wash the shoelaces separately in soap and water (you can use bleach as well). If you hang your shoes outside to dry, hang them for an eyelet. When the hiking shoe is new or newly cleaned, spraying the canvas with spray starch will prevent dirt from getting into the fabric.