Hiking Footwear Guide – How to choose the right footwear?

- Aug 08, 2019-

Hiking trips will take a toll on your feet and legs as you will often walk on uneven if not rocky terrain. Therefore, you need to wear appropriate hiking footwear which protects your feet from injuries and enhances your performance. As hiking footwear varies greatly in weight, design, support and cushioning, it can seem like bit of a jungle to navigate in for those who are new to hiking. As you might already know, not all types of hiking footwear are appropriate for all types of trails.

To minimize the confusion we made this hiking footwear guide which explains the differences between various types of hiking footwear as well as the appropriate use of them. Furthermore, this guide also describes the individual footwear parts and explains how different materials will affect footwear performance. You will also find links to other articles with additional information to complement the overview that this guide should provide.