Freedom of movement, comfortable to wear and slip resistant

- Feb 11, 2018-

Almost 97 years ago, the United States began to allocate boots to the Army. At that time, it only gave a batch of modified paratroopers garrisons stationed in Hong Kong. Later, it improved to become a 03-type mission with special combat units until now.Paratroopers treatment is not bad, the earliest from the 96 began to have, or turn the fur summer use; As for the cavalry has been a long boots, but the arms have gone, the rest is that some of the Mounted Police and the honor guard is still Use this boot.

07-type combat boots features

1, V-shaped mouth, to prevent the leather boots, or contusion on the foot, I believe that through the boots of a brother

To know how important this is.

2, brass buckle and hexagonal lace buckle, strong. Exquisite.

3, the bottom of the inner pad and boots after special treatment, wear boots when not rubbing, do not fight the bubble, but also rarely sweat, feet do not feel sweating.

4, high-quality leather, to ensure strong and durable.

5, the outsole does not have the general hard boots, comfortable activities, comfortable to wear. In addition, non-slip ability, Kevlar lining

6, leather insole, there are three steel nails at the heel